On this website you will find information about every person that listens to the name Elenbaas. This website is built exclusively for the Elenbaas family and provides its members with as much information as possible. If desired, you can upload your photos to the digital family album and share them with us.
Also, this sites serves to announce special events that involve family members.
Many people are interested in their ancestry and their genealogy. At the pedigree part you have access to the genealogical files where all the 2974 Elenbaas family members are stored. Here you may find yourself, another Elenbaas or a family member by marriage. Through links to relations, parents or children you can scroll through your pedigree. Due to privacy reasons the personal data of Elenbaas members that are alive are invisible on this website unless they have given their written approval. That is why you will not find extra information about yourself on this website, but you can find information about your ancestors from e.g. 19th century. Even their addresses, when known, are published. However, you can authorize me to publish your personal information by sending me an e-mail.
At present, I am working on a log in method in order to give only family members access to all files. Because living family members are what is most important. Luckily, there are so many! I have already counted 1342 persons!
By clicking here you will find a graphical survey of the number of Elenbaas’s over the last five centuries.
In order to develop, maintain and expand this website I hope you will provide me with as much information you can share! You can do so by sending me your information by e-mail. On the Contact page I show an example of the required information.
If you have any comments and/or remarks about this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can make improvements.

Enjoy your reading!
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